Endang Tirtana Invites ITB-AD Students Using Technology In Social Interest

Times are getting more complex as technology develops. Such rapid changes must be responded to quickly by disrupting ourselves measurably. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots marked the arrival of a new era, namely the Society 5.0 era. In order to respond to this, the Institute of Technology and Business Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta (ITB-AD) raised the theme “Society 5.0: Freedom to Organize the Future” at the Pre-Graduation Seminar to prepare students or prospective ITB-AD graduates to enter the world of work or industry, Saturday (25/2).

Endang Tirtana, the Independent Commissioner of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) as the guest speaker, mentioned people must be wise in using modern technology-based knowledge. “If one is not capable, then one will be eliminated or pushed aside in life. Ease will be obtained by people who dare to innovate and utilize technology,” he said in front of hundreds of ITB-AD students.

Endang, who is also a researcher from the Maarif Institute, explained that in the midst of the pandemic, when the Indonesian economy was affected and experiencing a slump on all fronts, there was one company that managed to earn IDR 136 billion in just a few months. The company did not sell luxury products, nor is it a unicorn company. But it managed to combine two important elements in modern human life, namely collaboration between technology and social solidarity, namely kitabisa.com.

“Supporting children dropping out of school, parents who are unemployed due to the pandemic and others. This is a clear example of the use of technology and innovation that benefits many people. Technology is not just used for consumptive things and showing off on social media,” he said.

Furthermore, Endang referred to a study in the Psychological Science journal which reported that in their research in the US, a person’s quality of life, longevity and success were not influenced by how much they earned, but by the quality of their social relationships. “Although many predict that humans will be replaced by machines, bots, and artificial intelligence. But, I believe, bots, machines and AI do not have one of the most essential things in life, which is feelings and solidarity,” he concluded.

Endang Tirtana Invites ITB-AD Students Using Technology In Social Interest

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