IAIM Sinjai Students Socialize Programs of Community Service in Lamatti Riaja

Institute for Islamic Studies of Muhammadiyah (IAIM) Sinjai students conducted Program Socialization on Thursday (10/02). The socialization was located in Lamatti Riaja village, Bulupoddo district for the Student Study Service of Profession (KKN-P) Batch XXVII. The Lamatti Riaja Village Head ad interim, Village Secretary, Muh Fadli, ST welcomed and greeted the KKN-P students of IAIM Sinjai in their village.

“Welcome, students. I hope through this program, you can socialize and directly interact with the community and assist us in several programs. In our expectation, the program was not great in size according to Lamatti Riaja needs and condition,” said Muh Fadli.

In line with Muh Fadli, the Chairman of BPD representative, Harianto Ilkam SPd expected the students not to hesitate to coordinate with local government, mosque caretakers, and Lamatti Riaja communities. “Not much in quantity of programs, but the most important thing is how the programs affected the communities, especially Lamatti Riaja people,” he added.

The KKN-P students socialized their group programs, including the funeral arrangement training and Ta’lim (Islamic sermon). Meanwhile, for individual programs, several programs arranged include Arabic language (PBA program), Learning Media Implementation of snakes and ladders and dokta on the elementary students (TM program), Computer Basic Operational Training for Computer-based Assessment for Elementary Students (PGMI program), Marketing Strategy Assistance through Product Labeling in Home Industry (EKOS program), and Drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention (BPI program).

The Coordinator of Lamatti Riaja KKN-P Center, Muh Rais mentioned the program would act as community service in implementing Tri Dharma (three values) of Higher Education Institutions. “Through the program socialization today, I expect that all elements in Lamatti Riaja support and participate in the program arranged to be realized in 2 months ahead,” concluded Rais.

IAIM Sinjai Students Socialize Programs of Community Service in Lamatti Riaja

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