Kemdikbudristek Verifies Prominent Programs for SMK-PK in Unismuh Makassar

The Sub-Coordinator for Evaluation, Directorate General of Vocational Education, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemdikbudristek) visited Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh Makassar), Tuesday (12/04). Kemdikbudristek representative, Suharto SE MM, conducted the verification for the assistance program for Vocational Education-Prominent Programs (SMK-PK) in Unismuh Makassar. On this occasion, the Rector of Unismuh Makassar, Prof Ambo Asse warmly welcomed Suharto SE MM in the Rector’s Office, Igra Building on the 17th Floor. Prof Ambo Asse was also accompanied by Vice-Rector I, Dr Abd Rakhim Nanda, and Vice-Rector IV, Drs KH Mawardi Pewangi MPd.I.

The verification of the SMK-PK program in Unismuh Makassar was placed in the Senate Room on the 17th Floor. During the verification process, the Chairman and the Secretary of the Institute for Development and Instructional Improvement (LP2AI), Dr Nasrun and Ishaq Madeamin SPd MPd also followed the process. “The verification aims to share programs in SMK-PK that have been organized before,” said Nasrun.

On this occasion, Suharto SE MM also mentioned Vocational Educations in several provinces in Indonesia that need assistance programs to elevate their graduates’ competence in the workplace. Unismuh, one of the universities capable of assisting, was expected to support it. Various Vocational education in Maluku and Papua requires assistance, including several Vocational schools in South Sulawesi.

Kemdikbudristek Verifies SMK-PK Programs in Unismuh Makassar

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