Muhammadiyah CHERD Formally Opened Leadership Training Batch 7

Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD) organized Leadership Training Batch 7 for Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs). The training was managed for six days, from Monday (21/03) to Saturday (26/03). It is organized offline in Grand Rohan Hotel, Bantul.

After reciting Qur’an by Irwan Kurniawan and singing ‘Indonesia Raya’ and ‘Sang Surya’, the opening ceremony of the training was continued by reporting the Leadership Training program. The director, Dr Muhammad Samsudin, MPd, welcomed 47 participants from 29 MHEIs’ leaders. “The Leadership Training aimed to prepare all MHEIs’ leaders to face various challenges in internal campus, organization, national, and global,” he said. For six days, the participants will receive completed materials on the specific topic “Towards excellence MHEIs in Industrial Revolution 4.0”, starting from self-analysis of MHEIs to Muhammadiyah leadership.

The resource persons on this training comprise of Prof Dr H Haedar Nashir MSi; Suwarsono Muhammad MA; Prof Lincolin Arsyad MSc PhD; dr H Agus Taufiqurrahman MKes SpS; Prof Dr Bambang Setiaji; Amin Wibowo PhD; Prof Dr Abdul Mu’ti MEd; Prof Dr Gunawan Budianto MP; Dr Rustamadji MSi; Prof Fathul Wahid PhD; Prof Djamaluddin Ancok PhD; Hary Prasetyo MT PhD; Prof H Johni Najwan MH PhD; dan Prof Dr Widodo Muktiyo.


The opening remarks from Prof H Lincolin Arsyad, MSc PhD

Prof H Lincolin Arsyad, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah CHERD, delivered his remarks at the opening ceremony. He expected MHEIs’ leaders are insightful for Muhammadiyah and general necessities to provide learning and teaching to students. Prof Lincolin also reminded the participants that behaviour transformation due to the Covid-19 pandemic should not be diminished. “The online learning amidst the pandemic is a form of technology advancement, so do not forget the online learning method. From 14 meetings, three of them can be conducted online,” he said.

Moreover, Prof Lincolin also mentioned the educational challenges to evaluate learning practices amidst pandemics. He also explained the challenges with the open-book assignment system due to the minimum supervision. That would be students’ challenges, especially the bachelor’s students.

Lastly, Prof Lincolin officially opened the Leadership Traning program. Muhammad Sayuti, MPd MEd PhD, the Secretary for Muhammadiyah CHERD, handed the participants over to the Director of Leadership Training Batch 7, Dr Muhammad Samsudin.

Muhammadiyah CHERD Formally Opened Leadership Training Batch 7

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