Poltekkes Muh Makassar Organizes Baitul Arqam for Students

UIN Alaudin Makassar Hotel was filled by 124 students of the Health Polytechnic Muhammadiyah Makassar (Poltekkes Muh Makassar) to follow an Ideological Training on Thursday-Friday (29-30/09). The training, Baitul Arqam, was specifically for the students who have passed the Competency Test and waited for graduation. According to the Institute for Islam and Muhammadiyah studies, Irsyadah Ibrahim S.Ag., M.A, the training was conducted to support the implementation of Catur Dharma (the Four Values) of Higher Education Institutions and provided preparation for the prospective Poltekkes Muh Makassar alumni. So when returning to the communities, they will implement noble characteristics in communities. 

The Baitul Arqam was officially opened by the director of Poltekkes, Dr. H Effendy Rasiyanto, M.Kes and started with an Islamic Sermon by the Head of Daily Advisory Board, Dr. KH. Mustari Bosrah, MA, that was attended by the Vice Director II, St Fatimang, S.T., M.T; the Head of Radiology Department, Indah Musdalifa, S.Si., M.Si; the Head of Sanitation department, Novi Voni Harwani, SKM, M.Kes; the Head of Electro-Medical Technology, Suwarmiyati, ST, MT, and the Head of Medical-Laboratory Technology, Nurul Ni’ma Azis, S.Si, M.Kes.

The materials were delivered by the Cadre Education Council for Muhammadiyah Regional Board, Religious Ideas in Muhammadiyah from Dr. KH Mustari Bosra, MA; Worshiping Practice based on Tarjih from Drs. Amir MR; Cadre Profile and Muhammadiyah Leaders Values of Struggle from Husain Abdul Rahman, M.Pd.I; Muhammadiyah as charitable science and scientific charity from Dahlan Sulaiman, S.Ag., M.Pd.I; and Strengthening Muhammadiyah Ideology and Muhammadiyah Cadre Work Ethic from Saiful Kaharuddin, S.Pd.I. Interestingly, the training was followed by Non-Moslem students who enthusiastically followed the Baitul Arqam. The training would be followed by the second batch on 11-12 October 2022 for the Electromedical Technology department and Medical Laboratory, and Sanitation for 215 students in total.

The Baitul Arqam was expected to be a preparation for Muhammadiyah cadres to understand Islamic worship practice in the right way, as a moderate and tolerant people.

Poltekkes Muh Makassar Organizes Baitul Arqam for Students

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