UMG Seminar Encourages Students To Pursue Higher Education Abroad

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) held UMG Seminar on Tuesday (07/06). The seminar organized by the Bureau of Partnership was entitled “Investing in Your Future by Studying in the US”. UMG collaborated with EducationUSA, an educational institution under the Department of Foreign Affairs of the United States. Currently, there are 425 International student advisors in more than 175 countries.

UMG had a great opportunity to organize the seminar. It aimed to provide guidelines, and various terms and conditions before pursuing higher education abroad. There were 130 UMG students from varied study programs following the agenda. The Vice-Rector I, Nadhirotul Laily SPsi MPsi delivered her remarks at the opening ceremony. She hoped that the UMG students could pursue their higher education overseas. “So the students can bring UMG’s reputation internationally,” she said.

The seminar invited a resource person from EducationUSA Advisor, Ambarizky Trinugraheni. It was also led by Nataria Wahyuning Subayani SPd MPd who also becomes the Head of the International Relations Office (IRO). The seminar was completed with a lively discussion about studying abroad. At the end of the seminar, the participants who actively participated in the discussion were granted merchandise from EducationUS.

On this occasion, Paulina SPd MPd, the Head of Partnership Bureau also prompted all UM Gresik students to search for further information related to education abroad by consulting the Bureau or International Relations office on the 7th floor.

UMG Seminar Encourages Students To Pursue Higher Education Abroad

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