Tapak Suci UMP Won Two Grand Champions in National Competition

The fighter contingent from Tapak Suci (Muhammadiyah martial arts) Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) won the championship again. Previously, they achieved the grand champion at the national competition level offline. Again, the UMP contingent has won the grand champion in two national competitions of pencak silat (Indonesia martial arts). It comprised a National Championship (Kejurnas) Live Virtual Competition conducted in Jakarta and Kejurnas UMKT Championship held virtually in West Kalimantan on 27-28 March 2021.

Dr Yudha Febrianata MOr AIFO, the Kejurnas Live Virtual Competition coach, mentioned the medal count for 11 gold, 3 silver, and one bronze medal. Meanwhile, for UMKT Championship, the UMP team won 4 golds and two silvers. “The total medals in Kejurnas followed by Tapak Suci UMP has achieved 15 gold, 5 silver, and one bronze medals,” he said on Wednesday (31/03) in Purwokerto.

Dr Yudha also appreciated the achievements. “I hope UMP fighters can improve the achievements in the following championship and make pursuing achievements as campus students’ identity,” said Dr Yudha. The Chairman of Tapak Suci UMP, Ade Irawan, also explained that the grand champion accomplishment is the first good step to face the Student Sports Week (POM). Because the primary purpose is to compete in the National Student Sports Week (POMNAS),” he concluded. [] Diktilitbang

Tapak Suci UMP Won Two Grand Champions in National Competition

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