Uhamka Achievements in The Health Promotion Campus

Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof DR HAMKA (Uhamka) won the oral presentation and health campus poster on Wednesday (24/11). The agenda was hosted by Universitas Gadjah Mada organized by the Ministry of Health. The I Help U (Islamic Health Promotion University) team presented the award for the health-promoting program in establishing a health campus.

The Ministry of Health as the stakeholder, appointed six public higher educations to accompany 27 private higher education institutions. Public higher education institutions included UGM, IPB, UNAIR, USU, UNLAM, and UNSOED. Uhamka was under the direction of IPB of Prof Ikeu Tanziha through a real commitment from the Rector of Uhamka, Prof Gunawan Suryoputro. It brought Uhamka to achieve in the presentation and poster categories.

The program was continued by the Vice-Rector IV  support, Bunyamin, in the presentation session conducted in Grand Rohan Yogyakarta. The Institute for Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (LPP AIKA), Totong Heri, and M Arifin Rahmanto also attended the event. Moreover, the Head of I Help U, Hidayati and the Secretary of I Help U, and the presenter, Imas Arumsari represented the Uhamka team.

The Head of Health Promoting University (HPU) National Board, Prof Yayi Suryo Prabandi, delivered his remarks at the award ceremony to hand over the prize to Uhamka. He stated, “The achievement was a starting point of all campus to establish the health and productive human resources. This first step comes from ourselves, the campus will follow,” he said, as reported on the official site.

Uhamka Achievements in The Health Promotion Campus

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