UNIMUS Animal Sacrifice Ritual Training To Welcome Eid Al-Adha

Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS) organized training for Animal Sacrifice Ritual Management on Wednesday (15/06). It was particularly organized by the Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies Institute and General Education Subjects (LSIK & MKU) UNIMUS. The training collaborated with Juru Sembelih Halal ‘Halal Slaughterhouse’ (JULEHA). Furthermore, UNIMUS Center for Nutrition and Food Studies was also involved by presenting Animal Sacrifice Ritual and Halal Product Assurance.

Forty-seven participants from various institutions and several educational institutions in Semarang attended the training. The Vice-Rector I, Dr Budi Santosa MSi Med; the Head of LSIK & MKU, Dr Rochdi Warsono MSi; and the Nutrition and Food Studies Center delegation, Dr Agus Suyanto also attended on the Seventh floor of Integrated Classroom (GKB) UNIMUS.

Dr Rochdi Warsono explained that the training aimed to prepare the participants to welcome Eid Al-Adha. “So the participants can prepare the materials and understand how to manage to slaughter sacrificial animals. Moreover, for UNIMUS, it is important for UNIMUS Farm,” he said. UNIMUS Farm is an animal farm, especially UNIMUS’s goats and sheep. Through the training, the organizers of slaughtering sacrificial animals understand the knowledge and provide facilities for the animal sacrifice ritual implementation.

The training also educated participants to be well-informed on how to slaughter in good and competent ways. In addition, the participants also could ensure the quality of the meat is proper and halal. It is important assuring the meats meet the requirements of ASUH (Safe, Healthy, Complete, and Halal)

Dr Budi Santosa also mentioned it was a good intention to assure the communities. “It is the first agenda, but I expect that it can be implemented routinely, so the communities can do and manage the slaughter based on sharia,” he said, as reported on the UNIMUS site.

UNIMUS Animal Sacrifice Ritual Training To Welcome Eid Al-Adha

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