UMS Postgraduate Students Conducts Orientation for New Students

The Postgraduate School Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) held the orientation for new students who would enter this odd semester in 2021/2022 on Wednesday (4/9). The agenda was conducted offline and online, with a strict health protocol. The orientation aimed to introduce the learning system and method. Shortly, the learning system and method would support the students in preparing for their study in postgraduate.

The director of the UMS postgraduate program, M Farid Wajdi, SE MM Ph.D., explained that the student orientation comprised three doctoral programs and 14 master programs. The doctoral program included Law Science, Sharia Economic Law/ Islamic Law Science, Islamic Studies, Indonesian Education, English Education, Education Administration, Primary School Education, Pharmacy Science, Management, Accountancy, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. This postgraduate program received 228 students, comprised of 197 master students and 31 doctoral students.

The Rector of UMS, Prof Sofyan Anif MSi, prompted the students to consider charitable science (ilmu amaliah) and scientific charity (amal ilmiah). “Ilmu amaliah means that all knowledge we achieved should be transferred so we are not only have the knowledge, but also can practice the knowledge. Meanwhile, amal ilmiah means all implementation we shared to others according to science,” he said, as reported on the official UMS site.

UMS Postgraduate Students Conducts Orientation for New Students

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